About Us

A Bold New Evolution in Dental Practice Management!


A long time ago back in 1997, the field of dental practice management was in desperate need of something new and improved. Old-school practice management methodologies were becoming obsolete, and high on promises but low on results. So, after years of researching what worked and what didn’t in the field, Founder and CEO of Coaching on Demand, Mike Massotto, created Staff Driven Dental, a staff-centric coaching and consulting program to help dentists and their teams achieve optimum levels of practice growth and success. The result was guaranteed, specific and measurable change with exponential improvement in all facets of dental practice driven by highly trained and motivated teams.

Fast forward to today with the newest evolution in 21st Century dental practice management with the launch of Coaching on Demand! COD is a modern breakthrough in the next generation of dental coaching designed for today’s dentist. COD is virtual practice management that is affordable, accessible, and on-demand on every device whenever and wherever you need it. By creating a highly interactive and personalized coaching and consulting experience that actively involves the entire practice though our unique, on-line coaching experience, COD has taken dental practice management to a whole new level.

With COD you have 24/7 access to your own on-line personal coach who partners with you and your team to help you win the game of dental practice! Our unprecedented personalized coaching guides you through the customization and implementation of the most innovative and creative practice management systems in the industry today, while helping you to overcome whatever is in the way of your practice goals and success.