Executive Unlimited Membership

Here’s what’s included in this package:

24/7 Unlimited Chat & On-Demand Coaching

Once logged into the website, you will have chat access to your own personal practice coach. Have a practice problem or concern? Ask questions and get answers. Whatever your individual needs are, they can be directed to your coach live for guidance and support. Keep in touch with your coach as often as you’d like. The more she’s kept informed, the better your coaching results will be. Have something weighing on your mind? Remove the stress of the business of dental practice by speaking with someone who knows you and has your back at all times. Don’t wait, open a chat and start today!

Initial One-Hour Video Consultation & Orientation

We want to get to know you personally! With this face-to-face online meeting, you’ll be able to meet your coach and get to know each other as you lay the groundwork for your coaching relationship while getting further oriented to all the features and benefits of the site..

Members Forum

Our exclusive online bulletin board allows you to have conversation and interact with other members across the country on any number of topics with the online community. Take part in the conversation and tap into ideas and support from other COD members just like you!

Unlimited 30-Minute Coaching Calls

As we preach, the power of COD is in the coaching! Regular calls with your coach keep her in the loop and up to speed with all your progress and making sure you are held accountable for maximum implementation and results!

One Monthly One-Hour Video Staff Meetings

These intensive, full-team video conference calls bring your DCOD coach into your practice virtually, so it’s almost like she’s there live with you and your team. Video staff meetings help to accelerate and increase your results by maximizing full team involvement of your DCOD training and practice development.

Audio File Provided of All Coaching Calls

Miss something? We record all of our coaching calls, not only for quality assurance on our end, but for the benefit of our members who want to go back over what they may have been missed, forgotten, or overlooked from a particular coaching call for themselves or for other team members.

Goal Setting & Daily Practice Statistical Monitoring

It goes without saying that if you do not have goals, you will not attain them. Working with your coach, she will not only set specific and measurable goals for your practice, but she will monitor and track them right along with you on a daily basis while helping you analyze and interpret what they mean and how to act on them to achieve optimum results.

All On-line Training Materials, Tutorial Videos & Demos

You always have access to our cutting-edge curriculum which is just a few clicks away, including access to our tutorial videos and training demos to help show you how it’s all implemented and done right by some of the best in the business. Also included in your membership are special presentations on a vast variety of practice management and inspirational topics by the Founder and CEO of COD, Mike Massotto, including his hugely popular Dental Road Warrior series!

New Staff Hiring “Concierge” Service

Your staff are not only the face and life blood of your practice, but your results are intimately connected to having the right people in the right places doing the right things to ensure your practice success. Every dollar flows through your staff, and they will either make you or break you depending upon not only how much valuable time and other resources such as training you invest in them, but hiring the right staff from the get go or integrating new staff as needed. Our new staff hiring “concierge” service provides you the extra coaching support, guidance, and expertise in helping you recruit, hire, and seamlessly integrate new staff based on your practice needs. Whether it is providing you the best ads to attract the best candidates and where to run them, working with staffing agencies, screening of resumes, coaching on the interviewing process, or whatever it takes to help you get the optimum people you are looking for, your coaching will guide you through the process and alleviate the stress and uncertainty of staff hiring.

Website services: SEO Search Terms, Website Design, Social Media & Reviews

A strong and professional online presence is critical for success in business. At this level of membership, the following services are included to help improve and maximize your practice image, marketing, and promotion on the internet; SEO – 20 Search Terms, Custom Web-site Design, Unlimited In-House Marketing and Design Services, Social Media Services and Reviews.

 Speak to you coach during your initial One-Hour video consultation and orientation on how to get started with these membership benefits!

This package includes:

  • 24/7 Unlimited Chat and On-demand Coaching
  • Initial One-Hour Video Consultation & Orientation
  • Goal Setting and Daily Practice Statistical Monitoring
  • Access to the exclusive COD Members Forum
  • Unlimited Coaching Calls/month
  • Audio/Video file provided of all coaching calls
  • Twice Monthly One-Hour Video Staff Meetings
  • All On-line Training Materials, Tutorial Videos, & Demos
  • Exclusive Invitation to Live Quarterly Seminars for Doctor and Entire Team (Virtual or in live in NJ)
  • SEO – 20 Search Terms
  • Custom Web-site Design
  • Unlimited In-House Marketing and Design Services
  • Social Media Services and Reviews

This plan is a 12 Month commitment. $3,999 per month.

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